Temporary Resident Visa Can Be Applied Inside Canada

If you are in Canada on a temporary residence permit (student or work permit visa), and want to apply for a new temporary resident visa (TRV), you can now do it within Canada itself, instead of having to apply from abroad.

The new application can be made to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Case Processing Pilot Office in Ottawa.

You can use this new facility if you are:

  • A legally admitted temporary resident (under the foreign student or temporary foreign worker category) with a Canadian address;
  • Your current temporary residency is still valid and your existing counterfoil is expired and/or was valid for only one entry; and
  • You require a new TRV to return to Canada.


Once you have filled all the forms, which can be downloaded from the CIC website, collected the necessary documents and paid the fees, you can submit your application via mail to the Ottawa office.

The CIC has not yet determined the processing times for these applications.

Generally, those coming here on a temporary or other work permit or student permit are given a single entry permit. If they have to go back to their home country for some reason, they will have to apply for a visa to return to complete their work/study. And this had to be done from abroad.

For more information, visit the CIC Site on TRV



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  1. The student permit is a temporary visa required for part-time or full time studies at the primary, secondary or post-secondary levels.

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