Temporary Resident Visa Can Be Applied Inside Canada

If you are in Canada on a temporary residence permit (student or work permit visa), and want to apply for a new temporary resident visa (TRV), you can now do it within Canada itself, instead of having to apply from abroad. The new application can be made to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Case Processing Pilot Office in Ottawa. You can use this new facility if you are: A … [Read more...]

Foreign IT Specialist Program Extended

The Canadian government has extended for another three months the system that allows British Columbia to bring in foreign IT specialists without going through the usual work permit process. According to a statement by the Human Resources and Skills Development – the federal ministry that deals with human resource development – employers who want to bring in specialists to fill in positions in … [Read more...]

Call for Immigration Program Targetting Entrepreneurs

A group of Canadian investors is lobbying the government for a new immigration system to allow entrepreneurs from around the world to be able to migrate to Canada more easily and faster to realize their dreams. The Startup Visa Canada (SVC) is an initiative that is based on a simple principle: to succeed a country needs the best and the brightest, and it should be able to attract them from … [Read more...]

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