The Rising Demand for Qualified Personnel

There is an irony in the workplace: unemployment is growing but at the same time companies say they are finding it ever more difficult to find the right people for openings. This challenge faced by companies is a global issue, and appears to be particularly high in specialist jobs. This is according to a recent report by the global employment agency, Manpower. The US-based firm with global … [Read more...]

New Website to Help Jobseekers and Students

  Canada’s unemployment has been slow to go down after the recession, but what is surprising, or perhaps not surprising, is that many employers say they are struggling without qualified personnel. So, the Canadian government has come up with a new website. Running under workingincanada.gc.ca, the website is a treasure trove for those seeking jobs and for employers. The main search … [Read more...]

Immigrants More Affected By Recession

Canada, like most other countries, is going through a recession. And as jobs are being cut across the board, among those first to be affected are those with immigrant background, particularly those who are considered ‘new immigrants’. Recent studies have given proof to this. A report that appeared in the Globe and Mail newspaper says that in general, immigrants tend to lose jobs more easily … [Read more...]

Jobless Numbers Go Up

The numbers keep rising. This is the fact when it comes to unemployment in Canada. Statistics Canada says that in May of this year, 778,700 people were receiving employment insurance - or EI which is actually unemployment insurance. Compared to the previous month, this was a 9.2 percent increase. This is a severe increase, compared to the increase of just under three percent that April … [Read more...]

Canada to Reduce Immigration Intake?

Canada might consider reducing the number of immigrants it will allow if the current economic downturn continues. That the numbers will go down is not confirmed, but the federal immigration minister, Jason Kenney, recently expressed his worry about bringing in newcomers to face a country in economic turmoil. At present Canada's unemployment rate stands at 7.2 percent and the trend is … [Read more...]

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