New Sponsorship Rules for Spouses

The Canadian government is imposing a five year sponsorship bar on those who migrate to the country under the Spousal Sponsorship stream, after being sponsored by their spouse or partner. The new regulation, which came into force Mar. 02, was announced by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. Until now, a person immigrating to Canada after being sponsored by a spouse or partner … [Read more...]

Marriage on Your Mind for Immigration? Think Again

Source: Vancouver Sun Married newcomers to Canada better be in love or be prepared tough it out in the relationship for two years if they don't want to be kicked out of the country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is changing Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to make a sponsored spouse stay in the relationship for at least two years once they receive permanent residence … [Read more...]

Public Input Sought on Immigration Law Changes

The Canadian government is now asking public’s input into its proposal to implement a so-called conditional permanent residence for those coming to the country under spousal sponsorship. In a government notice, Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) – the federal department that runs the country’s immigration process – also makes it public for the first time its intention to introduce the … [Read more...]

Visa Rule for Sponsored Spouses to Change

The Canadian government is reportedly planning a major overhaul of its visa system for people who come to the country after being sponsored by their Canada-based spouses. According to reports, the government wants to introduce a temporary permanent residence, called “conditional permanent residence”, for those coming to join their spouses. The temporary residence will be valid for two … [Read more...]

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