Canada to Return 300,000 Immigration Applications

Did you apply to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program before Feb. 27, 2008? If so, Canada has decided that your application will not be processed anymore and your money will be returned along with your application. This was among the key decision made public in the country‚Äôs new budget. According to government figures, about 200,000 people had applied before this date. … [Read more...]

Immigrants Cost Billions to Canada: Report

There is no economic benefit to Canada in bringing in tens of thousands of immigrants every year. In fact, they cost tens of billions of dollars every year. This is the summary of a new report issued. Released by the rightist Fraser Institute from Vancouver, British Columbia, the report claims that immigrants are costing Canadian tax payers anything between 17 and 23 billion dollars a … [Read more...]

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