RBC Rewards Offers WestJet Conversion Bonus

RBC is offering a special program allowing Royal Bank credit cardholders and others on programs that earn RBC Rewards to convert their RBC Rewards Points to WestJet Dollars with a 25-percent bonus. The offer ends November 30, 2013. Usually, the conversion rate is 100 RBC Rewards Points to 1 WestJet Dollar. But between Oct. 15, 2013- Nov. 30, 2013, the conversion rate will be 100 RBC Rewards … [Read more...]

RBC High Interest eSavings Runs Contest. $50,000 Grand Prize

The RBC is promoting its RBC High Interest eSavings and RBC US High Interest eSavings accounts with a special contest with prizes totaling $ 125,000, with the top prize being $50,000.   What you have to do: Open an RBC High Interest eSavings or RBC US High Interest eSavings account. Accounts must hold a minimum of $500 Cdn. or US at the end of the contest period on Oct. 31, … [Read more...]

RBC British Airways Visa Infinite Card Offers up to 45,000 Avios

RBC & British Airways are teaming up to offer RBC British Airways Visa Infinite card with a sweetener for new customers with a sign-up bonus of 15,000 Avios Points. But you can earn up to 45,000 points within three months. 45,000 points can take you from Canada to the UK, so obviously the question is how to do it. The key word here is 'up to'. You get 15,000 Avios once your … [Read more...]

RBC Rewards Points Conversion to Shoppers Optimum Points: An Analysis

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is giving an opportunity to convert its RBC rewards Points to Shoppers/Pharmarprix Optimum Points. For the first conversion, you will get 8000 Optimum Points for a minimum 1,500 RBC Rewards Points. Thereafter for every 500 RP, you will receive 2,500 OP. I have an RBC Signature Rewards Visa Card, so I get one point for every dollar spent. Generally, you … [Read more...]

Esso Extra Points Card — A Gas Card With Rewards – 2

The price of gas (petrol) has gone up over the years, but there is nothing we can do about it. If there is at least a small degree of comfort, it is that with strategic use, you could get something back from the gas stations or companies, and this is in the form of the now-favourite points. The series of essays will consider some of the benefits offered by the gas stations. We will only … [Read more...]

RBC Rewards Visa Gold – A Rewards Card

Royal Bank’s RBC Rewards Visa Gold Card is yet another credit card with fringe benefits. RBC Rewards Visa Gold Card's key features: No annual fee You get a point for every two dollars spent. This does not apply for cash advances, fees or on returns. According to the bank, you can shop anywhere, without having to go to the stores in their list. You can claim/redeem points at … [Read more...]

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