RBC Rewards Offers WestJet Conversion Bonus

RBC is offering a special program allowing Royal Bank credit cardholders and others on programs that earn RBC Rewards to convert their RBC Rewards Points to WestJet Dollars with a 25-percent bonus. The offer ends November 30, 2013. Usually, the conversion rate is 100 RBC Rewards Points to 1 WestJet Dollar. But between Oct. 15, 2013- Nov. 30, 2013, the conversion rate will be 100 RBC Rewards … [Read more...]

Esso Extra Points Card — A Gas Card With Rewards – 2

The price of gas (petrol) has gone up over the years, but there is nothing we can do about it. If there is at least a small degree of comfort, it is that with strategic use, you could get something back from the gas stations or companies, and this is in the form of the now-favourite points. The series of essays will consider some of the benefits offered by the gas stations. We will only … [Read more...]

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