Opportunites to Immigrate to Quebec, Canada

Quebec’s Investor Immigration Program, part of the Business People stream, has been closed until end of March 2013. This follows receiving 2,700 applications, which was the cap set for the current year. However, according to the Quebec government,which runs an immigration program fairly autonomous from the federal government of Canada, two more streams under Businesspeople are still available. … [Read more...]

Foreign IT Specialist Program Extended

The Canadian government has extended for another three months the system that allows British Columbia to bring in foreign IT specialists without going through the usual work permit process. According to a statement by the Human Resources and Skills Development – the federal ministry that deals with human resource development – employers who want to bring in specialists to fill in positions in … [Read more...]

Ontario To Crackdown on Bogus Colleges & Approves Fast Tracking for PhD Grads

The provincial government in Ontario has introduced new legislation it says will help it protect foreign students from falling for bogus universities or colleges. What the Ontario government wants is more powers to tackle businesses that might establish colleges or universities without permission to grant degrees or diplomas. The new rules will help the government shut down such businesses … [Read more...]

Canada Opens Doors To Indian Students

Canada welcomes India’s higher education students. This is basically the message the Canadian federal government and the various provincial governments are trying to impart to Indians wanting to go abroad for higher studies. And towards this end, Canada has implemented a number of strategies, including promoting community colleges, where the costs can be lower than universities but whose … [Read more...]

Canada’s French Province Wants More Indian Students

Canada’s key French province of Quebec is on an offensive to attract more students from India and other nations. The Quebec Premier Jean Charest made the announcement recently in India that foreign students who complete higher studies in his province will be given a Certificate of Selection which in effect will put them on a fast track to obtaining Canadian citizenship. At present, one has … [Read more...]

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