Some Answers on Super Visa

How does the new Canadian ‘Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ look like? How long does it take for the Canadian visa office to issue such a visa? And what are the requirements? The new Super Visa is still a hot issue, with many questions. A Montreal-based immigration firm, Canadim, has some answers to your questions. This is not an endorsement of the agency. Related articles Canadian … [Read more...]

Canadian Parent, Grandparent ‘Super Visa’ Launched

Canada’s new parent, grandparent Super Visa system for immigrant visitors came into effect today, December 1, 2011. Under the system, parents or grandparents of Canadians or Canadian permanent residents could apply for the visa, which, if approved, will be granted for up to a ten year period. If approved, the visa holders can stay in Canada up to two years. They, through their sponsors in … [Read more...]

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