Temporary Foreign Worker Program to be Revamped

The Canadian government will be restructuring the country’s temporary foreign worker program. Federal Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently told the audience at a meeting in the western city of Calgary that the streamlined program will make it easier for employers to hire foreigners on a temporary basis. Kenney has already been meeting with stakeholders across Canada … [Read more...]

Come to Canada Website Launched

  Canada has introduced a new website to help foreigners who want to migrate or move to Canada to work or study. The new website, called Come to Canada, is a step-by-step process that tells you whether you will be eligible to move ahead with your plans. The site starts with simple questions, and then depending on the answers takes you to further steps. If for example, If you are … [Read more...]

More Immigrants to Come through Special Programme

The Canadian government says it will allow in a record number of 40,000 new immigrants through the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) this year. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the PNP programme has been rapidly expanding in recent years, with the numbers going up five-fold between 2008 and 2011. The PNP allows Canada’s provinces and territories to seek out immigrants … [Read more...]

Canada to Bring in More Trades People

Is Canada moving away from attracting immigrants with advanced degrees or highly accomplished professionals to skilled-trades people such as plumbers and welders? It would appear so, going from the latest statement from Canada's Minister for Citizenship & Immigration, Jason Kenney. In a statement, Kenney says he will launch a month-long public consultation process across the nation to … [Read more...]

Canada’s 2010 Immigration Highest in 50 Years

Canada’s legal immigration stood at a 50 year high last year, according to the country’s federal immigration minister. Jason Kenney said almost 281,000 legal immigrants came to Canada last year, and the number was higher than the government’s own plan of allowing between 240,000-265,000 new immigrants for the year. About two thirds of the immigrants were from the skilled economic migration … [Read more...]

Canada Says Language Vouchers for Newcomers A Success

Canada is reporting its Language Training Vouchers for new immigrants is a huge success. Citizenship & Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says that preliminary results for the 18-month old pilot program show that more than twice the number of newcomers who received vouchers enrolled in free English or French classes, compared to those who did not receive vouchers. Citizenship and … [Read more...]

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