“Conditional PR” for Some Married Spouses

Canada has implemented its new rule to give only a ‘conditional permanent residence’ to sponsored spouses who have been in a relationship with their sponsor for less than two years and have no children from the partnership. The new rules came into effect October 25, 2012. Under the new rules, spouses with less than a two-year old relationship who are sponsored to come to Canada under the … [Read more...]

Canada to Issue ‘Conditional Permanent Residence’ to Some Spouses

The Canadian government has made public its intention to launch a new, so-called Conditional Permanent Residence Permit for some foreigners migrating to the country through the spousal sponsorship stream. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the ‘conditional PR’ will be valid for two years, and will be issued for those who have been in a relationship with their Canadian … [Read more...]

‘Birth tourism’ May Change Citizenship Rules

Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) The Harper government is considering changes to the citizenship rules to target so-called birth tourism — where a foreign national comes to Canada to give birth so the baby can get Canadian citizenship. But critics say closing the loophole will deter bona fide immigrants and harm the economy in the long run. “We don’t want to encourage birth … [Read more...]

B.C. Hopeful Ottawa Will Increase Immigrant Quota

B.C.’s jobs minister is still hopeful the federal government will allow the province to hand-pick an increased number of skilled immigrants, despite the Citizenship and Immigration minister’s refusal Wednesday to grant a similar request to Alberta. The provincial nominee program allows provinces to choose skilled immigrants who are best qualified to meet shortages in the regional labour market. … [Read more...]

Canada to Focus on Skilled Trades People for Immigration

Canada is reportedly planning another major overhaul of its immigration system to bring in more skilled trades people such as electricians and perhaps fewer people with top notch university degrees. While Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the World Economic Forum in Davos about plans to change the immigration system to bring in people needed by the labour market, Citizenship and Immigration … [Read more...]

Some Answers on Super Visa

How does the new Canadian ‘Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ look like? How long does it take for the Canadian visa office to issue such a visa? And what are the requirements? The new Super Visa is still a hot issue, with many questions. A Montreal-based immigration firm, Canadim, has some answers to your questions. This is not an endorsement of the agency. Related articles Canadian … [Read more...]

More Money for Immigrant Settlement Help

  The Canadian government will distribute almost 600 million dollars during 2012-2013 to all provinces outside the French-speaking province of Quebec to fund immigrant settlement programs. But there is a general trend, with more money heading towards western and eastern Canada while central Canada, with the province of Ontario at its core, receiving less than in previous … [Read more...]

Canadian Provincial Head Wants More Immigration Power

The head of one of Canada’s largest provinces wants the country’s federal government to cede more authority to local governments in making decisions related to immigration. Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia says that because provinces are in the frontline in understanding the local economic and social needs, they should have more power to determine immigration policies. Currently, … [Read more...]

‘Parent And Grandparent Super Visa’ Introduced

Canada is introducing a new “Parent and Grandparent Super Visa’ system to help foreign-living parents and grandparents of Canadians visit them and their grandchildren quicker. Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the new visa system, which will come into effect Dec. 1, is designed to help Canadians reunite with their parents and grandparents sooner, as at present coming to Canada through the … [Read more...]

Immigration Numbers to Remain High; But Categories to Change

Canada is reportedly planning major changes to its immigration system, but will keep the total number of new immigrants allowed to immigrant the same for next year. According to reports quoting Jason Kenney, the federal minister in charge of immigration, Canada will allow between 240,000-265,000 immigrants for 2012. This will be the same amount as this year. But within this number, the … [Read more...]

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