PC Offers Up to 25,000 Points for MasterCard Prepayment

President's Choice Financial is offering a special promotion of up to 25,000 PC Points (value=$25) for those setting up pre-authorized payments through their PC MasterCard to pay recurring bills. All you need to do is to set up your service providers to start charging your PC MasterCard, instead of sending you the bills. For each direct payment, you will be given 5,000 PC Points. A … [Read more...]

MBNA Offers SmartCash World MasterCard

MBNA Canada is offering some of its customers an upgrade to the MBNA SmartCash World MasterCard with the good-old five-percent cash back. It is a great card for day-to-day purchases. The MBNA SmartCash World MasterCard comes with following benefits: 5% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases during the first six months 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases after the … [Read more...]

Credit Card Users Opting for Cash Back

SOURCE: THE GLOBE AND MAIL   It’s better to have some cash in your jeans than to wait for the trip of your dreams. Call it the show-me-the-money approach to credit card rewards. A growing number of people are using cards that generate cash rewards paid every year instead of trying to accumulate travel points redeemable for flights and vacations. An example mentioned by Ms. Heustis is the … [Read more...]

MBNA’s New Smart Cash World MasterCard

MBNA is offering a new card, the MBNA Smart Cash World MasterCard, with some great features. It appears at the moment, it is only being offered to those having an MBNA credit card, and is offered for no extra fee. The card offers, like the MBNA Smart Cash card, 5% cash back on qualifying net retail gas and grocery purchases for the first six months, and then three-percent cash back … [Read more...]

PC Financial’s New MasterCard

President’s Choice Financial is offering a special MasterCard for some of its clients, but there is some controversy about it. The new card offers 20 PC Points, instead of 10 PC Points, for every dollar spent at the various chains belonging to the Loblaws. The cards are being offered without the negative option billing, which is controversial. The Toronto Star’s Columnist Ellen Roseman has … [Read more...]

CAA’s New MasterCards

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) South Central Ontario division  is offering three types of MasterCards.   CAA Premium MasterCard. Benefits: It gives you 1.5% CAA dollars for every purchase. Car rental, collision/damage waiver, flight delay and trip interruption protection. Purchase Assurance & Extended Warranty. This covers you against theft, loss or damage of your … [Read more...]

Analysing Canadian Gas Station Cards

The price of gas (petrol) has gone up over the years, but there is nothing we can do about it. If there is at least a small degree of comfort, it is that with strategic use, you could get something back from the gas stations or companies, and this is in the form of the now-favourite points. The series of essays will consider some of the benefits offered by the gas stations. We will only … [Read more...]

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