Canada to Issue ‘Conditional Permanent Residence’ to Some Spouses

The Canadian government has made public its intention to launch a new, so-called Conditional Permanent Residence Permit for some foreigners migrating to the country through the spousal sponsorship stream. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the ‘conditional PR’ will be valid for two years, and will be issued for those who have been in a relationship with their Canadian … [Read more...]

Marriage on Your Mind for Immigration? Think Again

Source: Vancouver Sun Married newcomers to Canada better be in love or be prepared tough it out in the relationship for two years if they don't want to be kicked out of the country. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is changing Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to make a sponsored spouse stay in the relationship for at least two years once they receive permanent residence … [Read more...]

New Govt.’s Possible Immigration Agenda

The Conservative Party has gained a majority in Canada. The party has been governing Canada since 2006 as a minority government, and has been actively making changes to the country’s immigration system. These changes include changing the philosophy behind the Skilled Worker program – from a system with the right to apply if a person meets the minimum points to a system where only those … [Read more...]

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