The Challenge of Getting a Job

Miles Corak is a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa. This following piece is about the challenges that many immigrant professionals face as t hey try to get a job appropriate to their experience and qualifcations. His site is milescorak.com     The challenges immigrants face in finding jobs have to do with not just the characteristics and skills they bring to … [Read more...]

New Jobs in Eastern, Western Canada

Eastern Canada and the western province of Alberta are looking for thousands of professionals in a number of fields, from IT to health care and engineering. And with demand running high, recruiters from these regions are flocking to major Canadian centres such as Toronto, which have the supply. According to Albert Girard from the Enterprise Greater Moncton, which is a partnership agency … [Read more...]

Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector

Whether you are geologist, drilling waste officer or a mechanical engineer, Canada‚Äôs oil and gas industry might have a job for you. According to the website infooil.com, there are thousands of jobs in the western Canadian province of Alberta, known for its oilsands resources. While many other sectors are fragile with lowered demand, the oil sector is booming. For more information on the … [Read more...]

Trends in Work-from-Home Jobs

As the working world changes, there are ever increasing people looking to work from home. According to a US-based jobs site, FlexJobs.com, the following are some of the hottest fields for such jobs: Education Jobs include remote tutors, enrolment specialists and financial aid representatives. Bilingual Jobs These include communications, education, research, sales and online … [Read more...]

Jobs With Future 1 – Seniors Homecare

Seniors Homecare This is one of the sectors set to see rapid growth. According to the Canadian Homecare Association, more than 600,000 Canadians of age 65 and over received homecare in 2007, and this is a 51 percent increase over the figure in 1997. And over the next twenty years, the ratio of Canadians older than 65 will rise from one in ten to one in four. And as health and retirement … [Read more...]

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