The Rising Demand for Qualified Personnel

There is an irony in the workplace: unemployment is growing but at the same time companies say they are finding it ever more difficult to find the right people for openings. This challenge faced by companies is a global issue, and appears to be particularly high in specialist jobs. This is according to a recent report by the global employment agency, Manpower. The US-based firm with global … [Read more...]

Canada Amends “Inadmissibility” Rules

Canada’s Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration issued a press release early this week that caught little attention, but might have some far-reaching consequences. Titled, New Change Builds Bridges with Trusted and Valued International Partners, the press release that a” new policy under Canada's immigration law will further facilitate the temporary entry of certain persons into … [Read more...]

Contradictory Reports on Action Against Fraudulent Consultants

There are conflicting reports about the scale of the problem of so-called fraudulent immigration consultants in the Indian state of Punjab, and what officials there are doing to tackle it. As we have reported in a previous article, Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney went to Punjab as part of his recent Indian tour to talk to officials there. Officials in Canada say the fake … [Read more...]

Canada Wants India to do More on Illegal Immigration

Canada is pushing India, particularly the state of Punjab, to do more to crackdown on what it calls the proliferation of fraudulent immigration consultants & travel agents. During his three-day visit to India, Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney held a number of meetings with federal (central) and state officials, including the federal home minister P Chidambaram and Punjab’s chief … [Read more...]

Canada Pushes India, China & the Philippines for Action on Immigration Fraud

Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney is travelling to China, India and the Philippines this week to discuss, among other issued, the problem of so-called ‘fraudulent marriages’. The visit comes on the heels of a series of public consultations the minister has started on the issue. Fraudulent marriages are those where a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident sponsors someone abroad as a … [Read more...]

Canada Boosts Funding To Help Skilled Immigrants From India, China & Philippines

Canada is pumping millions of more dollars to make it easier and faster for Indians immigrating to Canada to settle down professionally and personally in their new country. Under a new plan unveiled, 15 million dollars will be spent to expand the current foreign credentials recognition and labour market programmes offered by the Canadian government in New Delhi, Manila and Guangzhou in … [Read more...]

Canada Opens Doors To Indian Students

Canada welcomes India’s higher education students. This is basically the message the Canadian federal government and the various provincial governments are trying to impart to Indians wanting to go abroad for higher studies. And towards this end, Canada has implemented a number of strategies, including promoting community colleges, where the costs can be lower than universities but whose … [Read more...]

Canada’s New Project to Help Would-Be Immigrants

The Canadian government is funding a 1.7 million dollar project to help immigrants who want to migrate to Canada find the necessary information ranging from labour market training to getting their qualifications accredited to Canadian equivalent. The fund was given to the Toronto based JVS to develop the Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online project and will help immigrants from China, India … [Read more...]

Call for Canada to Bring in More Indian Students

India can expect more attention from Canadian universities and even the government’s officials responsible for immigration. This, after an expert study called for dedicated effort to woo Indian students, not just as a source of foreign exchange, but also as an investment in cementing firm political, economic and cultural relationships with an emerging powerhouse. In his study, titled ‘A New … [Read more...]

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