Barriers for Incoming Professionals – Queen’s Journal

  According to a Queen’s study, people professionally trained abroad have difficulty becoming certified to work in Canada. Currently, an international doctor, nurse, teacher or engineer with English as a Second Language (ESL) must complete recertification and licensing upon coming to Canada to work in the same profession. According to Queen’s education professor Liying Cheng, one of the … [Read more...]

The Challenge of Getting a Job

Miles Corak is a professor of economics at the University of Ottawa. This following piece is about the challenges that many immigrant professionals face as t hey try to get a job appropriate to their experience and qualifcations. His site is milescorak.com     The challenges immigrants face in finding jobs have to do with not just the characteristics and skills they bring to … [Read more...]

Study Analyzes the Key Factors for Immigrant Success in Canada

What is required for a newcomer to be successful in Canada? Besides needed qualifications, a ‘can do’ attitude can help like no other. This according to a new study, titled Secrets to Success, which was published by the University of British Columbia (UBC) psychology professor Norman Amundson, together with the Success, an immigrant support group based in Vancouver. In fact, according to the … [Read more...]

Canadian Banks Seek New Immigrant Customers

Once upon a time, being a new immigrant meant tough times opening up an account or getting a line-of-credit, and not to mention a credit card. But things have changed. Changed so much, that some Canadian banks are trying to bring in new immigrant as customers as soon as they arrive, if not before they arrive. In an article titled Banks Target Newcomers for Growth, the Toronto Sun quotes … [Read more...]

Ontario’s Handling of Foreign Trained Professionals Rapped

It is official, once again. Professionals who migrate to Canada have a tough time getting jobs appropriate to their qualifications and experience Ontario Fairness Commissioner's Report On Foreign Trained Professionals This is the conclusion of a new report issued by Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner. The Commissioner’s office is an independent agency, and studied extensively the challenges faced … [Read more...]

Drivers Licensing in Canada Part 1 Alberta

One issue many immigrants face when moving to Canada is whether or not their current drivers licence will be accepted in Canada. Generally, issuing drivers licence is a provincial/territorial issue in Canada, and the system varies from province to province. Drivers Licensing in Alberta If you visit Alberta as a visitor, you can use your International Driving Permit (IDP) for up to 12 … [Read more...]

Canada Introduces New Web Tool To Help Immigrants

The Canadian federal government has launched a new website to help newcomers get all the information they need to successfully settle down in the country. The new tool, at servicefornewcomers.cic.gc.ca, is a sort of a one-stop gateway for new immigrants and even new citizens in Canada. It is divided into community and government services, and provides information on a vast range of issues – … [Read more...]

Canada’s New Project to Help Would-Be Immigrants

The Canadian government is funding a 1.7 million dollar project to help immigrants who want to migrate to Canada find the necessary information ranging from labour market training to getting their qualifications accredited to Canadian equivalent. The fund was given to the Toronto based JVS to develop the Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online project and will help immigrants from China, India … [Read more...]

Language Fluency, Teamwork Can Affect Immigrant’s Career Mobility

Two dollars and eighty cents Canadian. This is the difference in the hourly wage of an immigrant Canadian with a degree and a ‘non-immigrant’ Canadian of equal qualifications and training. Career Success of Immigrant Professionals: Stock and Flow of Their Career Capital A new study that has appeared in the International Journal of Manpower says a non-immigrant professional would get about $ … [Read more...]

Call for Canada to Bring in More Indian Students

India can expect more attention from Canadian universities and even the government’s officials responsible for immigration. This, after an expert study called for dedicated effort to woo Indian students, not just as a source of foreign exchange, but also as an investment in cementing firm political, economic and cultural relationships with an emerging powerhouse. In his study, titled ‘A New … [Read more...]

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