American Express Blue Sky Credit Card: Worth?

I just got my American Express Blue Sky Credit Card. This is a replacement for the American Express Gold Rewards Card, which I got for free for a year (annual fee is $150.00). The Blue Sky is a free card, forever. Benefits/Notes: 10,000 points if I charge at least $ 500.00 during the first three months. It is equal to $100.00 1.25 miles for every $1.00 spent. No blackout or … [Read more...]

An End to Unsolicited Credit Card Cheques

The Canadian government is bringing in new regulations requiring credit companies to stop sending unsolicited convenience cheques to customers. These cheques usually offer low interest rates, some times as low as 1.99%, for a specific period, like six months, after which the regular interest rate will kick-in. They can be used for purchases, balance transfer or as cash advances. While this might … [Read more...]

The Good & Bad of Credit Card Cash Advances

From time to time, we get those nice letters, accompanied by blank cheques, from our credit card companies. The letters inform us that we can write ourselves sometimes up to 100-percent of our credit limit for a limited period for an interest rate of as low as 0.99%. Good or bad? The Good: Perhaps the cheapest credit you can get. Canadian banks’ prime rate is not below 3%. The Bad: … [Read more...]

Credit Card Analysis – TD Business Travel Visa Card

SmartCanadian begins a series of analyses of Canadian Credit Cards. In Part One, we analyse the TD Business Travel Visa Card. TD Business Travel Visa Card This is NOT a free card. The annual free is $149, and additional cards cost $149 each. Annual interest rate is 19.75% on purchases and 21.5% on cash advances. How You Earn TD Points For every dollar you spend, you will earn 3 … [Read more...]

Features to be Careful About in Credit Cards

Recently, an article in the Investopedia about Credit Card Features You Shouldn’t Use highlighted some features of Credit Cards one has to be careful of. Two of the features worth mentioning are: Cheques. Often, the monthly statements come with blank cheques that you can use to pay for items you have purchased. But they come with high interest rates and other charges. So if you can, avoid … [Read more...]

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