New Language Requirements for Citizenship Applicants

Canada is changing the way citizenship applicants prove their ability in English or French, which are the country’s two official languages. Beginning November 1, 2012, they will need to submit proof of their language skills at the time of their citizenship application. Until now, applicants between the ages of 18-54 (check here for those below 18 and above 54) had to prove their language … [Read more...]

Language Proficiency Rule to be Changed

The Canadian government wants to change the way language proficiency is tested for those who apply to become citizens. In a gazette Notice of Intent issued, Citizenship and Immigration Canada – the federal department in charge of immigration issues – says that in future it would like applicants to prove their proficiency in either of the two official languages – English and French – when they … [Read more...]

Why More Immigrants Are Failing Canadian Citizenship Tests?

It appears a combination of factors – from language issues to a higher pass mark and a new, highly variable questionnaire – are the cause of the sudden increase in the failure rates of those sitting for exams to become Canadian citizens. Documents have revealed that since the new tests were introduced in March 2010, failure rates have shot up to 30 percent, up from the four-to-eight percent … [Read more...]

More Staff to Speed up Citizenship Applications

The Canadian government has assigned extra personnel to reduce delays at its office dealing with applications for the Canadian citizenship. The office, based in Sydney in eastern Nova Scotia, on average took about 5-12 months to process an application, but now it can take up to 19 months. One key reason is the increase in citizenship applications since the Canada Immigration Act came into … [Read more...]

Canada Opens Doors To Indian Students

Canada welcomes India’s higher education students. This is basically the message the Canadian federal government and the various provincial governments are trying to impart to Indians wanting to go abroad for higher studies. And towards this end, Canada has implemented a number of strategies, including promoting community colleges, where the costs can be lower than universities but whose … [Read more...]

Canada’s French Province Wants More Indian Students

Canada’s key French province of Quebec is on an offensive to attract more students from India and other nations. The Quebec Premier Jean Charest made the announcement recently in India that foreign students who complete higher studies in his province will be given a Certificate of Selection which in effect will put them on a fast track to obtaining Canadian citizenship. At present, one has … [Read more...]

Canada Introduces New Permanent Resident (PR) Card

Canada has introduced new, high-tech identity cards for its permanent residents. The federal minister for citizenship and immigration, Jason Kenney, said the new cards, which were rolled out beginning August 24, contain security features that comply with international standards for travel documents. However, the PR card, as it is more known, is not a replacement for the traditional passport, … [Read more...]

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