Temporary Resident Visa Can Be Applied Inside Canada

If you are in Canada on a temporary residence permit (student or work permit visa), and want to apply for a new temporary resident visa (TRV), you can now do it within Canada itself, instead of having to apply from abroad. The new application can be made to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Case Processing Pilot Office in Ottawa. You can use this new facility if you are: A … [Read more...]

Immigrant Aspirants in Dubai Feel Cheated

SOURCE: EMIRATES 24/7 NEWS Immigration consultancy is a big business in Dubai. People insecure of how to go about the big move to another country often choose to adopt the services of an ‘immigration consultant’, who facilitates the process from assessment to settlement. However, many of the emigrants end up feeling cheated and disappointed with what they get in return for the large sum of … [Read more...]

Canada to Return 300,000 Immigration Applications

Did you apply to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker program before Feb. 27, 2008? If so, Canada has decided that your application will not be processed anymore and your money will be returned along with your application. This was among the key decision made public in the country’s new budget. According to government figures, about 200,000 people had applied before this date. … [Read more...]

New Legislation on Violent Criminals and Sponsorship

Canada is making it tougher for those convicted of violent crimes against family members or others from sponsoring any close relatives to the country. Under new rules, which came into effect November 18th but were made public only on November 23, those convicted of causing, or intending to, cause bodily harm against a new, expanded list of family members will not be eligible for sponsorship for … [Read more...]

Language Proficiency Rule to be Changed

The Canadian government wants to change the way language proficiency is tested for those who apply to become citizens. In a gazette Notice of Intent issued, Citizenship and Immigration Canada – the federal department in charge of immigration issues – says that in future it would like applicants to prove their proficiency in either of the two official languages – English and French – when they … [Read more...]

More Consultation on Canadian Skilled Worker Program

The Canadian federal government is extending its online public consultations on changing the current Federal Skilled Worker Program. Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC), the federal department that deals with immigration issues, says the online consultation has been extended till end of this month following a strong public response. The government says the consultations are aimed at … [Read more...]

Why More Immigrants Are Failing Canadian Citizenship Tests?

It appears a combination of factors – from language issues to a higher pass mark and a new, highly variable questionnaire – are the cause of the sudden increase in the failure rates of those sitting for exams to become Canadian citizens. Documents have revealed that since the new tests were introduced in March 2010, failure rates have shot up to 30 percent, up from the four-to-eight percent … [Read more...]

List of Medical Exam Exemptions Updated

Canada has decided to allow most long-term visitors (those planning to stay for more than six-months) from 45 countries around the world enter the country without a medical exam. Citizenship & Immigration Canada says that while agricultural workers from these countries and territories can also enter Canada without a medical exam, there will be exemptions for those in occupations in which … [Read more...]

Canada Encourages Group Sponsoring of Refugees

The Canadian government wants its citizens and permanent residents to group sponsor refugees from abroad. Federal Citizenship & Immigration minister Jason Kenney has been touring some of the most populous cities, including Toronto and Vancouver, to meet various community groups to promote this concept. Under Canadian law, non-governmental groups and citizens can sponsor refugees to come … [Read more...]

Canada Pushes India, China & the Philippines for Action on Immigration Fraud

Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney is travelling to China, India and the Philippines this week to discuss, among other issued, the problem of so-called ‘fraudulent marriages’. The visit comes on the heels of a series of public consultations the minister has started on the issue. Fraudulent marriages are those where a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident sponsors someone abroad as a … [Read more...]

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