Canada’s Online Immigration Tool

An interactive website created by Canada's immigration ministry is becoming increasingly popular among those who wish to immigrate to the country. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the federal department in charge of immigration -- its Come to Canada Wizard gets more than seven thousand hits a day from around the world. The site has been accessed more than four million … [Read more...]

Immigration Rules Can be a Boost to European Migrants

Canada’s new immigration regulations, particularly a refocus on skilled trades-people, might be offering more opportunities for Eastern Europeans to migrate to the country. For years, Canada had emphasized on highly skilled professionals such as doctors, engineers, IT experts, accountants, managers etc. True, in a globalized economy, people with multi-lingual skills and with experience as … [Read more...]

Canada Still Looking for These Immigrant Professionals

Are you a medical radiation technologist? Or a dental hygienist? Or are you a chef, or a crane operator? Well, if you are, Canada is still looking for you. Canada will be accepting 10,000 people (and their families) under its Federal Skilled Worker Program this year and there is a cap of 500 for each of the 29 professions listed for consideration for immigration. And while the cap for … [Read more...]

Canada Pushes India, China & the Philippines for Action on Immigration Fraud

Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney is travelling to China, India and the Philippines this week to discuss, among other issued, the problem of so-called ‘fraudulent marriages’. The visit comes on the heels of a series of public consultations the minister has started on the issue. Fraudulent marriages are those where a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident sponsors someone abroad as a … [Read more...]

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