Why is Canada Keeping Out China’s Rich?

SOURCE: NATIONAL POST Masses of wealthy Chinese, their money huddled in less-than-secure foreign assets, are yearning to breathe the free air of Canadian capitalism. But Canada doesn’t seem to want them much. Brimming with the spoils of a historic economic expansion, Chinese millionaires by the tens of thousands wish to make Canada home for their families and their private wealth. The Canadian … [Read more...]

Canada Pushes India, China & the Philippines for Action on Immigration Fraud

Canada’s immigration minister Jason Kenney is travelling to China, India and the Philippines this week to discuss, among other issued, the problem of so-called ‘fraudulent marriages’. The visit comes on the heels of a series of public consultations the minister has started on the issue. Fraudulent marriages are those where a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident sponsors someone abroad as a … [Read more...]

Canada Boosts Funding To Help Skilled Immigrants From India, China & Philippines

Canada is pumping millions of more dollars to make it easier and faster for Indians immigrating to Canada to settle down professionally and personally in their new country. Under a new plan unveiled, 15 million dollars will be spent to expand the current foreign credentials recognition and labour market programmes offered by the Canadian government in New Delhi, Manila and Guangzhou in … [Read more...]

Canada’s New Project to Help Would-Be Immigrants

The Canadian government is funding a 1.7 million dollar project to help immigrants who want to migrate to Canada find the necessary information ranging from labour market training to getting their qualifications accredited to Canadian equivalent. The fund was given to the Toronto based JVS to develop the Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online project and will help immigrants from China, India … [Read more...]

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