More Money for Immigrant Settlement Help

  The Canadian government will distribute almost 600 million dollars during 2012-2013 to all provinces outside the French-speaking province of Quebec to fund immigrant settlement programs. But there is a general trend, with more money heading towards western and eastern Canada while central Canada, with the province of Ontario at its core, receiving less than in previous … [Read more...]

Atlantic Canada Looks for Immigrants

Four provinces in Canada’s east coast, commonly known as the Atlantic Provinces, have launched major initiatives to boost immigration. As part of the strategy, the Premiers (who are the elected leaders of the provinces in Canada) of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and Prince Edward Island (PEI) want to talk to Canada’s federal government about relaxing the cap on the … [Read more...]

Canadian Province Restructures Immigration Program

Do you want to migrate and own a business in aerospace, bioscience, renewable energy or the information technology sectors? If yes, consider Canada’s Prince Edward Island’s new Provincial Nominee Program for would-be immigrants.   New Provincial Nominee Program The provincial government recently introduced the new PNP guidelines that include a Business Impact Category with three streams … [Read more...]

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