Desperate for Workers, West Seeks Immigration Powers

SOURCE: THE GLOBE AND MAIL Canada’s Western premiers are seeking to wrest control over immigration away from Ottawa to help the West manage its growing skills shortage. “We are well-positioned but we need to have a national discussion about what further tools provinces need to grow the national economy,” said B.C. Premier Christy Clark, who is leading the group, in an interview. “The biggest … [Read more...]

B.C. Hopeful Ottawa Will Increase Immigrant Quota

B.C.’s jobs minister is still hopeful the federal government will allow the province to hand-pick an increased number of skilled immigrants, despite the Citizenship and Immigration minister’s refusal Wednesday to grant a similar request to Alberta. The provincial nominee program allows provinces to choose skilled immigrants who are best qualified to meet shortages in the regional labour market. … [Read more...]

New Jobs in Eastern, Western Canada

Eastern Canada and the western province of Alberta are looking for thousands of professionals in a number of fields, from IT to health care and engineering. And with demand running high, recruiters from these regions are flocking to major Canadian centres such as Toronto, which have the supply. According to Albert Girard from the Enterprise Greater Moncton, which is a partnership agency … [Read more...]

New Opportunities in western Canada

Ever more immigrants to Canada are choosing non-traditional provinces such as Alberta and Manitoba in the west, or Nova Scotia in the east of the country, to settle. The newcomers are choosing regions with better prospects for them and their families. Recently, Canada’s premier English daily, the Globe and Mail, ran an article on how the province of Saskatchewan is benefiting from a shift in … [Read more...]

Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector

Whether you are geologist, drilling waste officer or a mechanical engineer, Canada’s oil and gas industry might have a job for you. According to the website infooil.com, there are thousands of jobs in the western Canadian province of Alberta, known for its oilsands resources. While many other sectors are fragile with lowered demand, the oil sector is booming. For more information on the … [Read more...]

Temporary Foreign Worker Program to be Revamped

The Canadian government will be restructuring the country’s temporary foreign worker program. Federal Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently told the audience at a meeting in the western city of Calgary that the streamlined program will make it easier for employers to hire foreigners on a temporary basis. Kenney has already been meeting with stakeholders across Canada … [Read more...]

Drivers Licensing in Canada Part 1 Alberta

One issue many immigrants face when moving to Canada is whether or not their current drivers licence will be accepted in Canada. Generally, issuing drivers licence is a provincial/territorial issue in Canada, and the system varies from province to province. Drivers Licensing in Alberta If you visit Alberta as a visitor, you can use your International Driving Permit (IDP) for up to 12 … [Read more...]

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