Saskatchewan Changes Immigration Program

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is changing some of the regulations related its provincial Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).

One of the key changes is who can apply for the SINP program and how many people they can sponsor once they are in the country.

Until now, those who want to work in the province and fulfill the SINP criteria were able to apply. But under the new guidelines, one needs to have a job offer in the province to apply.

Second, those who come to Saskatchewan under the program cannot sponsor an unlimited number of extended family members. They can bring their immediate family members, but can sponsor their extended families only after they have ‘settled’.

And immigrant students who have completed their studies outside of Saskatchewan need to have been in a job for at least a year before applying for the Immigrant Nominee Program. Earlier, one could apply after six months of employment in the province.

The new guidelines came into effect May 2, 2012, but those applications that were submitted before this day will be processed under the old guidelines.

Provincial officials say they needed to make these changes in order to have their demand to increase the SINP cap from the current 4,000 to 6,000 approved by the federal government.



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