RBC Rewards Visa Gold – A Rewards Card

Royal Bank’s RBC Rewards Visa Gold Card is yet another credit card with fringe benefits.

RBC Rewards Visa Gold Card’s key features:

No annual fee

You get a point for every two dollars spent. This does not apply for cash advances, fees or on returns.

According to the bank, you can shop anywhere, without having to go to the stores in their list.

You can claim/redeem points at participating restaurants.

Protection from fraudulent claims, provided you can prove you took ‘reasonable caution’ in protecting your card.

Points can be redeemed for Esso points (3000 RBC points=5000 Esso points)

You have to have a minimum annual income of $35,000 to apply for this card.

There are 3000 bonus points if you sign up by September 30, 2009, but this is valid only if you do it online or send in the application form you may have received by mail.

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