RBC Rewards Points Conversion to Shoppers Optimum Points: An Analysis

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is giving an opportunity to convert its RBC rewards Points to Shoppers/Pharmarprix Optimum Points.

For the first conversion, you will get 8000 Optimum Points for a minimum 1,500 RBC Rewards Points.

Thereafter for every 500 RP, you will receive 2,500 OP.

I have an RBC Signature Rewards Visa Card, so I get one point for every dollar spent.

Generally, you get 10 OP for every dollar you spend.

And this is how the rewards are awarded under the Optimum Card system:

8,000 OP  - $ 10.00

22,000 OP – $ 30.00

38,000 OP – $ 60.00

50,000 OP – $ 85.00

95,000 OP – $ 170.00

Then there are special shopping days when you claim $ 200.00, or even $ 250.00, for 95,000 OP.

Smart shoppers know that the best time to shop at Shoppers is when they offer special promotions with doubling up of OP, or Bonus OP.


Let’s do the math:

To get 1,500 RP, I would have spent $ 1,500.00

1,500 RP= 8,000 OP = $ 10.00


But 3,000 RP = $ 25.00 gift card for a number of chains such as Bay, Sears, Canadian Tire and, believe it or not, Shoppers.

Therefore, this might not be the best offer out there.

Unless, you convert and collect the Bonus points to bring it to a total of 95,000 OP.


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  1. SHopper says:

    Or, you can always get a Shoppers Gift certificate for $50 with 6,000 RBC points, which if you were to convert to OP, would be only 24.500 (a bit more than $30).

    so agree: coverting points is not a good offer… better to redeem the RBC points for a gift card.

  2. Judy Dixon says:

    Hi, How do I transfer my points to my sisters RBC optimum card? Thanks.

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