One-Stop Application Site For Immigrant Doctors

Starting late 2012, immigrant doctors in Canada will be able to start their licencing process through a one-stop, and not thirteen separate, shopping websites.

This is possible through a joint initiative launched by the Medical Council of Canada and the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada, and through a 2.8 million dollar grant from the Canadian government’s Foreign Credentials Recognition Program.

At present a foreign-trained immigrant doctor has to apply to the Canada’s 13 provinces and territories to obtain a licence to practise in the country.

But new system foresees one form being used for all the different regulatory bodies.

The new system will also contain all the information about exams and certifications required by a province or territory’s licensing body.

But the individual regulatory bodies will still retain their own licensing systems.

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  1. [...] government gave an almost three-million dollar grant to the Medical Council of Canada to create a centralized online system for the foreign-trained doctors to apply for medical licences in any of the provinces or [...]

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