More Money for Immigrant Settlement Help


The Canadian government will distribute almost 600 million dollars during 2012-2013 to all provinces outside the French-speaking province of Quebec to fund immigrant settlement programs.

But there is a general trend, with more money heading towards western and eastern Canada while central Canada, with the province of Ontario at its core, receiving less than in previous years.

According to federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, Ontario will be receiving 315 million dollars, down from 347 million dollars it received during the current fiscal year.

This is because recent data suggest more immigrants are heading western provinces like Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and the Atlantic Canada provinces in the east of the country.

The Minister’s office says that the number of immigrants coming to Ontario, with its capital Toronto and its suburbs at the core, has gone down from 64 percent in 2005 to 52-percent in 2010.

Ontario, which is still the most known province for immigrants, is not happy. The province’s immigration minister Charles Sousa is complaining that immigrants are not coming towards Ontario because of slower immigration application processing by the federal immigration officials.

However, federal immigration officials are denying this. One official was quoted as saying on average, an application filed under the Federal Skilled Worker class is processed within a year.

Some analysts point out that the problem might be lying with Ontario, with the province slacking off in attracting more immigrants.  The province has also has a longstanding issue of slower integration of skilled professionals such as accountants, engineers and architects.

Some suggest Ontario should take advantage of the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which gives the country’s individual provinces and territories to bring in immigrants who can fulfil local employment needs.





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