MentoryCity — A New Tool Help Careers Blossom

A new on-line tool is available for those who seek mentors and, for those offering mentorships, in career. The MentorCity.com is a complete package bringing both together.

Whether you have just entered the labour force, or will be entering shortly, or are already in the labour force, a good mentor can help you realize your career dreams. Alternatively, you can also make your own life fulfilling by mentoring someone else.

“It’s important to have a mentor as they are like a sounding board, someone that you can ask questions to and run your thoughts and ideas by,” says Shawn Mintz, President of MentorCity. “Based on their experiences, they will provide you with advice, insights, feedback and encouragement to help you develop your skills, confidence and grow both personally and professionally.”

The MentorCity.com is designed for those who consider the issue of mentoring and mentors seriously. It is a complete package, from applying to choosing your mentor and then liaising with the mentor you have chosen.

For example, once you have given your input about what you are looking for, the site will offer you a number of possible mentors, giving you an idea how suitable they are.

“What’s unique about MentorCity is that it will help you to think through your mentoring objectives, goals and the background that you would like your mentor to have (e.g. experience, industry, job function, etc.). It will then recommend mentors to you and lead you through the mentoring process,” says Mintz.

You will also select the mode of the relationship – whether it is formal or informal and whether it will be made up of one-on-one meetings or phone conversations.

“The site provides you with advice on how to make the most out of each mentoring conversation. It also provides you and the mentor with flexibility to create a relationship that suits both of your needs in terms of how long the relationship will be and how you will meet.”


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