Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector

Whether you are geologist, drilling waste officer or a mechanical engineer, Canada’s oil and gas industry might have a job for you.

According to the website infooil.com, there are thousands of jobs in the western Canadian province of Alberta, known for its oilsands resources.

While many other sectors are fragile with lowered demand, the oil sector is booming.

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  1. We need to make a deal with Canada before Canada moves on to China aa a partner in oil supply agreements. Canada is a good neighbor and a border and people who have supported the
    USA and joined us in many political and north american interests. Obama wants Jobs he states and Obama wants to put people to work yet Obama says he will not support a USA Canada joint agreement for oil and help to eliminate our purchase of hostile Islamic oil from the middle east. Obama you need to pull your head out of your lower extremity Obama you won’t agree to this Canadian oil because it was not your idea and you won’t get any credit. I know this because you want reelection and your pissed because this would compliment the republicans effort to create jobs desperately needed by all Americans, legal ones preferably. Unlike our hostile dictatorial neighbor to the south, Canada is a good neighbor with a people who relate to many of the same ideals as the United States. Obama your only interested in number one at the end of the day. Support the Canadian USA oil deal or your political career will suffer for sure.

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