Immigration Numbers to Remain High; But Categories to Change

Canada is reportedly planning major changes to its immigration system, but will keep the total number of new immigrants allowed to immigrant the same for next year.

According to reports quoting Jason Kenney, the federal minister in charge of immigration, Canada will allow between 240,000-265,000 immigrants for 2012. This will be the same amount as this year.

But within this number, the government wants to make changes to the quotas given to the various categories of immigrants.

Canadian Experience Class Promoted

For example, Kenney has been touting the success of the Canadian Experience Class – CEC, which allows those who have worked in Canada with a work permit or studied to apply for immigration.

This comes as the government celebrated the 10,000th CEC immigrant to come to Canada since 2008.

According to reports, Canada is planning to issue a record number of 7000 PR visas under CEC category for 2012.

More information on the exact mix of the immigration quota is expected in the coming weeks, but for months the government has been hinting where it wants to go – a mixture of highly qualified immigrants like engineers and medical professionals to skilled trades people such as plumbers and carpenters.

But the government has also hinting that it would like to cut back on the PR visas issued to parents and grandparents. Kenney was recently quoted as saying that his department receives about 37,500 applications for such sponsorships every year, while only half the amount is allowed.

The current waiting period to sponsor parents or grandparents is said to be around ten years, and there has been open mulling about the costs Canada incurs from economically inactive but dependent seniors.

Some have suggested allowing Canadians to bring in in their parents or grandparents for a hefty fee to cover their medical and other costs until their sponsorship applications are processed.

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