Foreign IT Specialist Program Extended

The Canadian government has extended for another three months the system that allows British Columbia to bring in foreign IT specialists without going through the usual work permit process.

According to a statement by the Human Resources and Skills Development – the federal ministry that deals with human resource development – employers who want to bring in specialists to fill in positions in the seven IT sectors outlined in the ‘Facilitated Process for IT Specialists’ can do so until end of the year.

The Process allows employers to bring in foreign IT specialists without having to seek a Labour Market Opinion (LMO).

Even though employers do not have to seek the LMO to bring in the temporary specialists in, they still have to notice Service Canada and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development of their plans.

Once the two agencies have been notified, the temporary foreign worker can apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a work permit.

For all other provinces and territories except for Quebec, employers will have to go through the LMO process, if they wish to bring in IT workers.



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