Costco Membership With Aeroplan Miles

Costco is offering new members up to 1,500 Aeroplan Miles plus more.

If you sign up to become an Executive Member, you will earn 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles plus a $ 10.00 Costco Cash Card. Membership costs $ 110.00 plus taxes, if any. This includes a free spouse card.

Executive Members also enjoy an annual 2% reward, of up to $ 750.00, on most Costco purchases.

If you sign up for a Gold Star Membership, then you will get 1,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles and a $ 10.00 Costco Cash Card. Membership costs $ 55.00 plus taxes, if any. This includes a free spouse card.

You can sign up at the Costco store or online, with a promo-code.

This offer expires April 29th, 2012.

A voucher including a PIN to earn the Aeroplan Miles will be mailed along with the Cash Card within two weeks of singing up, or will be given after the sign up at the Costco store.

The PINs must be signed up at aeroplan.com/deposit by July 31st, 2012. The Bonus Aeroplan Miles will be credited to your Aeroplan account within seven days.





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  1. Shirlee Drever says:

    I have been trying these COSTCO sites to post my pin # to redeem my 1000 air miles having joined Costo yesterday and can’t seem to find the proper site to post my pin #. HELP!

  2. Robert Sutherland says:

    I would like to post my pin# to redeem my 1500 miles. Help

  3. sharon Adams says:

    How do I deposit my cosco aeroplan miles

  4. David Werstine says:

    Same as above just signed up tonight at COSTCO for the Gold Card 1500 aeroplan points but also have no idea how to do this>> Why do they make it so difficult when the staff member at Costco said just sign on with your pin# number it will be all done HELP HELP!

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