Immigration Rules Can be a Boost to European Migrants

Canada’s new immigration regulations, particularly a refocus on skilled trades-people, might be offering more opportunities for Eastern Europeans to migrate to the country. For years, Canada had emphasized on highly skilled professionals such as doctors, engineers, IT experts, accountants, managers etc. True, in a globalized economy, people with multi-lingual skills and with experience as … [Read more...]

Interesting Immigration Facts

Some interesting numbers about immigration to Canada The Philippines was the top source country in 2010. More than 36,000 immigrants came from that country, and this is almost a 300-percent increase over the past ten years. India is the second largest source, with just over 30,000 immigrants. China is the third largest, with just about 50 or so fewer immigrants than India. Ten years ago, … [Read more...]

New Govt.’s Possible Immigration Agenda

The Conservative Party has gained a majority in Canada. The party has been governing Canada since 2006 as a minority government, and has been actively making changes to the country’s immigration system. These changes include changing the philosophy behind the Skilled Worker program – from a system with the right to apply if a person meets the minimum points to a system where only those … [Read more...]

Canadian Immigration Question Series: Applying under Canadian Experience Class

SmartCanadian is introducing a Question & Answer series on Immigration-related issues. QUESTION: I studied at a Canadian university where I obtained my graduate degree. I also worked for almost 14 months for a Canadian company as a skilled professional. However, I left Canada six months ago and returned to my home country. Now I am interested in applying for immigration to Canada. Is it … [Read more...]

Group Sponsoring

There are many Canadian citizens who want to know whether they could sponsor to Canada their siblings still remaining in their country of birth. Under Canadian immigration law, only those within the ‘family class’ can be sponsored. And those falling in this category are: spouses, dependent children, adopted children, parents, grandparents, orphans and ‘other relatives’. For an extended … [Read more...]

Jobs With Future 2 – Nursing

Canada needs nurses. Lots of them. According to Health Canada and the Canadian Nurses Association, Canada might need up to 113,000 nurses by year 2016. Generally, the shortage of nurses is a worldwide phenomenon, for reasons ranging from increasing population to diseases becoming treatable. And in many countries, such as Canada, the population is also ageing, and therefore demand for … [Read more...]

Time Taken To Process Spousal Applications

On average, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), it takes about eight months to process an application to sponsor a spouse or a partner. But the time taken to process a spousal application differs from country to country. Interestingly, according to official data provided by the CIC, time taken to process an application is longer in western Europe than in Asia. In general, the … [Read more...]

Sponsoring Your Spouse/Common-Law Partner/Conjugal Partner

Spouses/partners are given top priority under immigration law in Canada. Some of the requirements, such as minimum income, are not needed for one to sponsor his or her spouse/partner. First, let us see who falls under Spousal/Common-Law Partner/Conjugal Partner category. Spouse You can sponsor someone as a spouse if you are married under Canadian or a foreign country law. If … [Read more...]

Family Class Immigration

Canada allows many types of people to be sponsored under the Family Class. They are: • Spouses: (married/ living together/ conjugal partners) • Children: Dependent children who are under the age of 22 and are unmarried can be sponsored. As well, children who are over 22 and those who are married can also be sponsored, if they can prove they are full-time students and are financially … [Read more...]

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