Trends in Work-from-Home Jobs

As the working world changes, there are ever increasing people looking to work from home. According to a US-based jobs site, FlexJobs.com, the following are some of the hottest fields for such jobs: Education Jobs include remote tutors, enrolment specialists and financial aid representatives. Bilingual Jobs These include communications, education, research, sales and online … [Read more...]

New Website to Help Jobseekers and Students

  Canada’s unemployment has been slow to go down after the recession, but what is surprising, or perhaps not surprising, is that many employers say they are struggling without qualified personnel. So, the Canadian government has come up with a new website. Running under workingincanada.gc.ca, the website is a treasure trove for those seeking jobs and for employers. The main search … [Read more...]

One-Stop Application Site For Immigrant Doctors

Starting late 2012, immigrant doctors in Canada will be able to start their licencing process through a one-stop, and not thirteen separate, shopping websites. This is possible through a joint initiative launched by the Medical Council of Canada and the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada, and through a 2.8 million dollar grant from the Canadian government’s Foreign … [Read more...]

New Program Helps Foreign-Trained Architects

Canada is rolling out a new program designed to help foreign-trained architects get necessary local accreditation and eventually jobs in their field. The 1.6 million dollar foreign credentials program, titled Integration of Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects in Canada project, has two key components: the creation of a “fair, efficient and timely” national system to evaluate and licence … [Read more...]

Three Weeks Before EI Exemption For Self-Employed Expires

There is a little over three more weeks to take advantage of an exemption to the newly introduced Special Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits programs for self-employed people in Canada. The programme offers certain types of EI benefits – maternity, parental, sickness and compassionate care – to self employed people. It does not include payments that regular employees receive when they are … [Read more...]

Canada’s French Province Wants More Indian Students

Canada’s key French province of Quebec is on an offensive to attract more students from India and other nations. The Quebec Premier Jean Charest made the announcement recently in India that foreign students who complete higher studies in his province will be given a Certificate of Selection which in effect will put them on a fast track to obtaining Canadian citizenship. At present, one has … [Read more...]

Language Fluency, Teamwork Can Affect Immigrant’s Career Mobility

Two dollars and eighty cents Canadian. This is the difference in the hourly wage of an immigrant Canadian with a degree and a ‘non-immigrant’ Canadian of equal qualifications and training. Career Success of Immigrant Professionals: Stock and Flow of Their Career Capital A new study that has appeared in the International Journal of Manpower says a non-immigrant professional would get about $ … [Read more...]

Call for Canada to Bring in More Indian Students

India can expect more attention from Canadian universities and even the government’s officials responsible for immigration. This, after an expert study called for dedicated effort to woo Indian students, not just as a source of foreign exchange, but also as an investment in cementing firm political, economic and cultural relationships with an emerging powerhouse. In his study, titled ‘A New … [Read more...]

Ontario’s Record on Integrating Skilled Immigrants

Audiologists and speech-language pathologists. These are two professions that have the most number of foreign trained personnel in Canada’s Ontario province. The province’s independent Fairness Commissioner’s latest report says more than a third of the almost 3,200 professionals in this sector were trained abroad. The report tracks the performance of the 34 regulated professions and how they … [Read more...]

Jobless Numbers Go Up

The numbers keep rising. This is the fact when it comes to unemployment in Canada. Statistics Canada says that in May of this year, 778,700 people were receiving employment insurance - or EI which is actually unemployment insurance. Compared to the previous month, this was a 9.2 percent increase. This is a severe increase, compared to the increase of just under three percent that April … [Read more...]

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