MentoryCity — A New Tool Help Careers Blossom

A new on-line tool is available for those who seek mentors and, for those offering mentorships, in career. The MentorCity.com is a complete package bringing both together. Whether you have just entered the labour force, or will be entering shortly, or are already in the labour force, a good mentor can help you realize your career dreams. Alternatively, you can also make your own life fulfilling … [Read more...]

The ‘Thank You’ Note After an Interview

We all know the importance of the cover letter and the resume. We also know the importance of making a good impression at the job interview. But there is also an important process to follow after the interview, according to some employers and career experts. Say Thank you. Not just while you leave a job interview, but even once you have reached home. The crucial points in the Thank … [Read more...]

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