Resume Tips

Resume writing has become a science. Most managers, studies claim, spend less than a minute in going through a resume before deciding whether it is worth pursuing or not. So, you have to make your impression within that time. You have to be grammatically correct and the laws of the language are universal. What is not universal though is the prerequisites of the reader of the resume – in this … [Read more...]

MentoryCity — A New Tool Help Careers Blossom

A new on-line tool is available for those who seek mentors and, for those offering mentorships, in career. The MentorCity.com is a complete package bringing both together. Whether you have just entered the labour force, or will be entering shortly, or are already in the labour force, a good mentor can help you realize your career dreams. Alternatively, you can also make your own life fulfilling … [Read more...]

Loan Program to Help Foreign Professionals

The Canadian government has launched an 18-million dollar loan program to help immigrant professionals get their foreign credentials recognized in the country. The three-year program, called The Foreign Credential Recognition Loans Pilot, will run in three provinces – British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. It will be run through selected community agencies, and will provide loans to help … [Read more...]

The ‘Thank You’ Note After an Interview

We all know the importance of the cover letter and the resume. We also know the importance of making a good impression at the job interview. But there is also an important process to follow after the interview, according to some employers and career experts. Say Thank you. Not just while you leave a job interview, but even once you have reached home. The crucial points in the Thank … [Read more...]

Immigrants Looking for a Better Welcome in Canadian Workplaces – The Globe and Mail

  Nearly three-quarters of Toronto-area employers believe they have successful programs to integrate foreign-trained professionals into their workplaces, but only 49 per cent of immigrants say the places they have worked have policies that welcome new Canadians, a new study says. “While employers recognize the value of hiring new Canadians in our global economy, we’re finding workplace … [Read more...]

Barriers for Incoming Professionals – Queen’s Journal

  According to a Queen’s study, people professionally trained abroad have difficulty becoming certified to work in Canada. Currently, an international doctor, nurse, teacher or engineer with English as a Second Language (ESL) must complete recertification and licensing upon coming to Canada to work in the same profession. According to Queen’s education professor Liying Cheng, one of the … [Read more...]

Canada Launches New National Occupations Classification

The Canadian government has made changes to the way professions and jobs are defined in the country. These changes are reflected in the new National Occupation Classification (NOC) 2011. The NOC 2011 is in a way an amalgamation of the traditional NOC, defined by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – a federal ministry in charge of human resources development—and the National … [Read more...]

New Jobs in Eastern, Western Canada

Eastern Canada and the western province of Alberta are looking for thousands of professionals in a number of fields, from IT to health care and engineering. And with demand running high, recruiters from these regions are flocking to major Canadian centres such as Toronto, which have the supply. According to Albert Girard from the Enterprise Greater Moncton, which is a partnership agency … [Read more...]

Jobs in Oil and Gas Sector

Whether you are geologist, drilling waste officer or a mechanical engineer, Canada’s oil and gas industry might have a job for you. According to the website infooil.com, there are thousands of jobs in the western Canadian province of Alberta, known for its oilsands resources. While many other sectors are fragile with lowered demand, the oil sector is booming. For more information on the … [Read more...]

The Rising Demand for Qualified Personnel

There is an irony in the workplace: unemployment is growing but at the same time companies say they are finding it ever more difficult to find the right people for openings. This challenge faced by companies is a global issue, and appears to be particularly high in specialist jobs. This is according to a recent report by the global employment agency, Manpower. The US-based firm with global … [Read more...]

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