Canada Stops Accepting Applications Under Skilled Worker Program

As of July 1st, Canada will not be accepting fresh applications under its Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW) and its Immigrant Investor Program (IIP).

According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the decision will not affect those who have already applied, and those who have a job offer and are planning to apply under the FSW program. Those in the PhD Eligibility Stream will also not be affected.

The government says the intake of fresh applications might resume early next year, after it revamps the system.

Government officials, particularly immigration minister Jason Kenney had been hinting that Canada needs to rethink the type of immigrants it is bringing in.

The new focus appears to be on bringing in more younger immigrants, who can contribute to the economy longer. There is also a debate about the ratio between highly trained professionals and skilled workers such as electricians and plumbers, who tend to be younger.

The CIC has instituted a number of major changes to the country’s immigration system in recent years. Among them include cancelling the processing of FSW applications made before February 2008, redefining the professional categories and reducing the cap for each of the job category.

And the ministry has been holding a number of meetings with stakeholders to make more changes.

For more details on who is still eligible to apply, visit the CIC site on Federal Skilled Immigration.





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