Barriers for Incoming Professionals – Queen’s Journal


According to a Queen’s study, people professionally trained abroad have difficulty becoming certified to work in Canada.

Currently, an international doctor, nurse, teacher or engineer with English as a Second Language (ESL) must complete recertification and licensing upon coming to Canada to work in the same profession.

According to Queen’s education professor Liying Cheng, one of the main systemic barriers faced by these professionals is the cost of recertification.

Getting accurate information about the testing process through word of mouth is also problematic, she said, adding that the time, cost and type of certification depends on the profession.

“Out of the four professions we tested, medical doctors pay the most [for certification],” Cheng said, adding that they must also compete for limited residency positions.

All certifications include an English proficiency test, but beyond that, the type of tests and associated costs are set on an individual basis depending on their qualifications and professional experience, she said.


Barriers for incoming professionals – Queen’s Journal.

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