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Do you have Hotel Loyalty Points at some of the top hotels, or do you have points from financial cards that you want to use to travel?

Well, if you are living in Canada, you do have the chance now. Aeroplan, Canada-based Frequent Flyer Program, is offering a chance to convert those points to Aeroplan Miles and earn some Bonus Aeroplan Miles too. Deadline is Dec. 5, 2010.

According to an email sent by Aeroplan, up to 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles can be earned through conversion.

Here are some notes:

  • 1,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert from one program into 5,000 to 9,999 miles (that is, if the conversion is 1:1, you will earn the points you converted plus an extra 1,000 Aeroplan Miles).
  • 2,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert points from one program into 10,000 to 19,999 miles.
  • 5,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert points from one program into 20,000 or more miles.

The maximum bonus miles you can earn is 5,000 Aeroplan Miles.

Sources to convert from:

  • Financial Card Points: CIBC Aventura Visa & American Express
  • Other Points from Points.com: Includes HBC & Esso Points

Note that not all source points are converted at the rate of 1:1

For more details, visit the Aeroplan Promotion Site.

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