Aeroplan Miles Transferable If Family Member Dies

Aeroplan,  the Canada-based frequent flyer program, is reportedly making a major change to benefit close family members of a deceased person from its Frequent Flyer Points System.

Accoridng to the Toronto Star, under new guidelines, close family members can transfer the deceased relative’s Aeroplan Miles by paying a processing fee of $ 30.00 plus taxes.

Until now, the relatives who wanted to transfer their deceased relative’s Aeroplan Miles had to pay at the rate of 1 cent per mile plus the processing fee.

This is the statement quoted by The Star.

“The spouse of the deceased Aeroplan member, or if there is no spouse, the surviving residual heir(s) of the estate, will be able to redeem the outstanding balance of the deceased member for a period 12 months from the declaration of death by providing supporting documentation (by mail or email) and paying a processing fee of $30 (plus taxes).”

However, the newspaper says the old system still might apply in some cases.

The full article, Aeroplan Points Now Transferable When A Family Member Dies.



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